EEMGS Bursaries

Five EEMGS Early Career Travel Grants are available to assist young EEMGS members to attend the Annual Meetings. The grant is set each year by the EXCOM which will be paid by Eurocheque at the meeting. Successful applicants are expected to attend the full meeting and write a short report afterwards for inclusion on the EEMGS social media platforms. 

Application must be made by the deadline of 15th January 2020

The amount reimbursed to awardees at the meeting will cover 500 €. 

The awardees register and pay for the meeting (no free registration).

The criteria for the awards and the application process can be found at: https://www.eemgs.eu/eemgs-awards/eems-awards-criteria

Applications can be send to the EEMGS president George Johnson: g.johnson@swansea.ac.uk